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Agata Peszko is an artist and interior designer. She sees art as a journey through the layers of nature and our core emotional psyche, which, like the ocean bottom, remains an unexplored virgin territory. 


Although she was born in Poland, Agata has studied and lived in many countries in Europe and North America. She currently lives in Washington, D.C.  


Agata's formal education encompasses arts, graphic design, photography, and fashion. Agata earned her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Krakow and explored a wide range of art and design. She found unique ways of expressing her views of the world by studying graphic design and photography in Paris. While studying at the London College of Fashion, Agata discovered her current passion making textile art. At the KLC London School of Interior Design, she took her passion for visual arts and explored ways of applying textiles in interior design.


As an artist, Agata brings the ancient techniques of felting through her creations of silk and wool art wall hangings. Her pieces bring the softness of wool and the freshness of outdoor landscapes into inte­rior spaces. Her work has been on display at textile museums in the US and in many private collections throughout Europe. 


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